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Squirrel in the road

We all know that moment when we are driving along, lost in thought and just minding our own business, when suddenly out of nowhere appears a squirrel in the road. Occasionally they dart across the road in a quick sprint to get to the other side, but then there are the times they run out to the middle of the road and just stop. Suddenly, they are frozen in the road at the exact spot your car is traveling. You slam on the brakes (or maybe you don’t) to avoid squishing that cute little furry creature. You may even yell at him “Get out of the way” of which I am sure he quickly nods his head in understanding and runs off, all the while being very grateful to you for being so thoughtful on his behalf.

So let’s take a look at why squirrels stop in the middle of the road. They have a simple instinct: when I feel threatened, run back to the last place I was safe. This works pretty well in the wild…they see a predator, they run back into a hole or up a tree. They haven’t had time to evolve an instinct that works with cars and roads.

Have you ever felt like a squirrel? Can you draw a comparison with your own life and how you feel that matches that of a squirrel, the eagerness to run back to the last place you felt safe? We tend to go through life living in fear for one reason or another. When we finally feel safe enough to make a run for it, something suddenly scares us and we become frozen. We do not know which way to turn, or which is the best direction to go. For a few moments in time we had known exactly what direction we were going to head toward. Then, in the blink of an eye, we are stopped. Do we keep going forward in the direction we intended and risk being hurt, or do we turn around and run back to the place we felt safe?

The unknown is terrifying. We fear the unknown because of what it could take from us. In reference to the squirrel (and maybe even ourselves) we fear death. We are scared that should we keep going forward, we will die in the process. Maybe exactly what we need (in a sense) is death. What I mean is that we need to let the old version of ourselves die so that the new version, the one that GOD truly intended for us to become, can then be formed.

Imagine for a moment that the squirrel is running across the street while dragging a heavy suitcase. He goes slower, he gets tired more quickly, he soon just wants to turn around and call it quits while thinking to himself “This is just not worth it.” Don’t we do the same? Don’t we always try to move forward while carrying the baggage from yesterday with us? Just think how quickly we could get to our destination if we just kept our eyes focused on the direction we want to go and quit looking behind us. Maybe it is time you lighten your load, make a new plan for your life, and just run for it. Do not look back, do not take a pause, keep pushing forward. The safest thing you can do for yourself…is KEEP GOING!!!

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  1. Maxwell Smart #

    Which way do I go?


    February 23, 2021

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