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Trash to Treasure

I have to confess that when I am driving down the road on garbage day, I cannot help but to slow down and look at a few items on the side of the road as I pass. Some things that I see thrown out just makes me want to ask the question “Why?” They still look in pretty good condition to me, so I cannot help but to wonder why that person would choose to part with it. Then there are other items that appear broken or like their better days have long passed them by.

These are the items that intrigue me the most, the broken. I have to admit that I have always been a bit on the crafty side. I see things that most people consider garbage and envision turning them into some new creation. I instantly visualize what I want to do with it and what this masterpiece could look like once it was completely refurbished. I have turned end tables into dog beds, refurbished a china cabinet, painted rusted signs into new creations, made clothes into blankets, and so much more. I find so much joy in turning trash to treasure. I will admit, I am a fixer. If something is broken, I have a hard time turning it away, I always think to myself “I have to at least try to save it.”

In life we often find it very easy to throw things out when they no longer serve our purpose. Maybe they are no longer beautiful, maybe they no longer fit, maybe you want to upgrade to something better, or maybe you just do not want it anymore. We throw things out so easily, out to the curb it goes without even a second thought. We turn and walk away without even a glance over our shoulder, we are done with it.

Have you ever had a relationship that sounds like that? Maybe it is a friend, a coworker, your child, or even the person you thought you would spend the rest of your life with? At some point does that relationship no longer serve the purpose you intended it to or what you had hoped for? Are you quick to just throw it away? Do you then turn and walk away without even a second thought about it? It is easy to do isn’t it? Have you been there? Have you done that to someone? Have they done that to you? Have you been that piece of trash no one wants anymore, no one cares about? Have you sat alone and just wished someone would come along and see the beauty that is still left in you? Someone just willing to say “We can fix this!”

What if that relationship could be fixed? What if instead of throwing it out, you sought out to find the beauty that is left. Maybe you cannot restore it to what it once was, too much damage has been done. But what if you could take what has been made ugly and use that to create something even more beautiful? The truth of the matter is that if things are not taken care of, whether it be an item, a relationship, or even a heart it will deteriorate right before your eyes. Suddenly something you loved so much just becomes an eyesore, you can no longer see the beauty in it.

Everything in life takes work to be maintained. It has to be a conscious decision to choose to maintain it, it cannot be left as an afterthought, something you will get around to “someday” only to find out later that the “someday” has already passed you on by. By then it is already too late, the damage has been done. What if right now you look at that one thing you want to throw away and you start to see the beauty in it that you once saw? You can do that, but it is a choice. You can put in the effort to refurbish it, make it beautiful yet again. Is it easy? Of course not. Quality takes time, it takes patience, it takes a LOT of TLC. But once you put in the sweat and tears, really get your hands dirty, put every effort you possible can into restoring it, just imagine what beautiful thing you could create if only you just cared enough to try. What was once to be thrown away, could end up being the most beautiful thing you ever imagined possible. Trash to treasure, all it takes is love.

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