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Something instead

She was so strong because she had to

No one in the background to say “I got you”

She always cried tears no one could see

Hoping someone would come to set her free

Her heart was broken time after time

Others walls she got too tired to climb

She was a lost soul in search of truth

Longing to find the girl of her youth

Who she used to be she had soon forgotten

Like her soul had started to slowly rotten

She was beginning to die there on the inside

No matter what she did or how she tried

She floated about drifting shore to shore

Trying to find that lost soul again once more

The reflection in the mirror was a stranger

She had no idea how close she was to danger

Darkness she could no longer seem to outrun

Fear overcame her, she felt herself becoming undone

She reached for the rope she hoped to find

Fanning her hand into the darkness like the blind

She wanted to grasp hold of something strong

Help her to forget the times she’d been so wrong

She needed the strength of another’s arms

To hold her and tell her she was safe from harm

She searched through the darkness holding true

That soon she would find it, she would find you

She tried to remember the last time she smiled

Did she as an adult or was it when she was a child

When was the last time someone saw her soul

That they looked into her eyes and saw she wasn’t whole

Could the years of such damage even be repaired?

Would someone see the broken pieces and even care?

Was there magic glue for each and every piece?

Could the pain go away or slowly decrease?

The storms rush in, waves of rain and thunder

She would sit alone in her room and often just wonder

Why life had left her devastated and broken

“Please love me” she left the words unspoken

A critic once knocked her so deeply far down

She forgot how to smile and wore only a frown

Was she not worthy of love and deep affection?

Was it so hard to send any towards her direction?

She slowly withered away to be seen no more

No longer the girl she was once before

She emerged from the small she had now become

Shedding the shell she had wiggled herself from

Her wings started to spread and soon take flight

Once she realized darkness turns to light

You must only weather in hiding for so long

Before you allow yourself to fly and again be strong

Strength within is often hard to find alone

When within the years it is all you have known

But when faith is once again presented to you

Love finds way to the heart and breaks through

You soon become a butterfly, your wings are spread

You have emerged into something beautiful instead

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