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I wrote this for my mother last week as I sat with her during her last few days here on Earth. I also read this at her funeral (while fighting back the tears that were determined to escape my eyes). I wanted to share with you because so many of us have lost loved ones recently, and I know someone out there needs to hear these words.


We now have to say goodbye

As you walk through your last door

Heartbreak sets in as we realize

Tomorrow we will see you no more

You were our shelter in times of trouble

When the storm of life would cross our path

You brought a sense of safety to us

When we were left to face the aftermath

You were the compass always pointing north

When troubles would seem to despair

Your bible you would hold tightly and pray

Telling God to please keep us in his care

Your faith was our stronghold

When at times we would doubt our own

But you never faltered from your prayers

Knowing one day you would reap what was sown

You installed a love of God within us

And set an example of what love should be

Whenever we would be in doubt in life

You would go straight to God on bended knee

Through every trial life would put you through

And every tear that would stream down your face

It was his love and comfort you would seek

You were never far from his embrace

You survived cancers, heart trouble, and dementia

Blood infection and then lungs of broken glass

We knew your final moments were coming

Any moment you could soon pass

We would read the bible to you every morning

Since you could not do it on your own

You would lie in bed looking upward

Letting his words resonate the unknown

It tore us apart as we watched you slowly slip away

We would pray “God please take away her pain”

Our hearts were breaking as we would watch you

We would cry endless tears like falling rain

We would hold your hand ever so gently

And whisper words of love into your ear

We tried so hard to be strong for you

Even though coming true was our worst fear

We knew where you were going

And that at peace soon you would be

But it didn’t take away the sense of our loss

Knowing you would be gone, no longer to see

I wonder, if only we had known the end

Would sneak in and be approaching so soon

If we had had just one more day, one moment

Just one more time to sit in the afternoon

I would have hugged you just a little tighter

Placed another kiss upon your cheek

I would have told you how thankful I was

That you found the time for to God to speak

So it is goodbye for now mom

Maybe those words are not really true

How about instead I say “see you again soon”

As heaven’s gate you walk through

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